We have more than 16 years of experience as providers of medical solutions of high specialty in Mexico.

During this time, we have worked hand in hand with doctors and specialists that trust us who are top rated surgeons in our country; doctors who are part of the staff of the most renowned hospitals in Mexico and who perform surgical procedures also in the most renowned institutions in the United States, Europe and even Asia.

We want to combine the best of our experience as suppliers of medical equipment, with the closeness we have developed with specialists, clinics and hospitals, offering access to health services in better conditions to our patients.


To be a company with a high human sense, committed to the medical staff and the patients, giving them the possibility of access to the best doctors, clinics, and treatments for the care of their condition or disease at affordable prices.

Additionally, allowing access to a greater number of products and services of the highest quality standards and with a warm, humane, and cordial treatment.


We are a highly competitive medical provider in continuous innovation, bringing together the best technological, material, technical, and human elements.

All of our actions aim to benefit our patients and support the professional growth of our doctors.



Humane Treatment